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1. Computer School For Girls

Education & Technical Training for Girls

  1. Program offers underprivileged girls hands-on training touse computers.
  2. Training is provided to access to a world outside India through the internet.
  3. Girls are taught to use software, including word processing, spread sheets, and presentations.

2. Shakhi

Vocational Training Center for Women

  1. Program offers women vocational training, including sewing and hair care services.
  2. Program is designed for woman seeking to acquire skills that would enable them to start their own business or seek employment in various trades.
  3. Program is offered during summer recess.

3. Shakti

Self-Defense Training for Adolescent Girls

  1. Program is designed to teach girls the basics of selfdefense.
  2. Students are taught awareness and means through which they could avoid predators.
  3. Girls are encouraged to participate in mock situations where their learned skills are used against threats.