Himmat (Vocational training programme for girls)

1. Computer School For Girls


Education & Technical Training for Girls

  • Program offers underprivileged girls hands-on training touse computers.
  • Training is provided to access to a world outside India through the internet.
  • Girls are taught to use software, including word processing, spread sheets, and presentations.


2. Shakhi


Vocational Training Center for Women

  • Program offers women vocational training, including sewing and hair care services.
  • Program is designed for woman seeking to acquire skills that would enable them to start their own business or seek employment in various trades.
  • Program is offered during summer recess.


3. Shakti


Self-Defense Training for Adolescent Girls

  • Program is designed to teach girls the basics of selfdefense.
  • Students are taught awareness and means through which they could avoid predators.
  • Girls are encouraged to participate in mock situations where their learned skills are used against threats.