Success Story – Soni

soni“I want to become a Teacher”, says ten-year-old soni, who is in Class 2.

Life had not been easy for soni. Born to poor parents in the slums of Lucknow, Soni did not have access to even the basic amenities of life. With the father’s meager income as a labour worker, the family lived in poverty. All they had was bits of plastic sheeting to make a roof over their heads.

Soni’s mother , Ramshree says, “We didn’t have access to water and no toilets were around. We had to use the open ground far away from our houses and we would go after it is dark. It was very unsafe for us.”

Ramshree got married when she was just 16 years old. I never imagined my children would live like this and go to school without any difficulties.” Life wasn’t this easy for Ramshree when she was a child. But with the help of a kind-hearted sponsor, her daughter is able to aspire for a better future today.

Thanks to his sponsor, Soni and her family are hopeful of the future. Soni is working hard at school and looks forward to the day when her dreams will come true. “Everything started to change after Astha Kiran stepped in,” says Ramshree.